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empyrean: heavenly ~ of the sky or the highest reaches of heaven ~ celestially refined ~ heavenly or sublime

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Our Values

Honesty & Integrity - reflecting our moral obligation to act in an ethical manner with honesty, integrity, courtesy and respect in all of our interactions and business dealings with our clients, employees, subcontractors, supply chain and anyone affected by our projects.


Quality - “Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skilful execution”. It is this approach which underlies every project we work on, with a high level of attention to detail throughout the planning stage through to works on site and completion and handover, to ensure we are doing the right thing, the right way, first time.


Professionalism & Competence - underpinning our commitment to quality and excellent customer service, we engage experienced and well-trained personnel, who are required to conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times - all staff and site operatives sign our Code of Conduct to ensure they understand the values that the company strives to achieve and to demonstrate their own commitment to those values.


Respect - Respect for our employees and those affected by our works; ensuring clean, properly equipped and safe workplaces for anyone working or visit our sites. Respect for the environment and the economy; reducing & dealing appropriately with waste, using environmentally friendly products, encouraging local sourcing of labour and skills and giving back to the local community, where we can.


Teamwork - A collaborative partnership between all project stakeholders including our clients, our client’s customers, our employees, our management, our subcontractors and site operatives, our supply chain and the local community - ensuring that everyone’s voice on the team is heard, valued and listened to.

Our policies

Empyrean Construction operates the following policies and procedures to ensure that our values and approach are consistently and transparently achieved. We continually review and improve our processes to ensure that we maintain an impeccable reputation for high-quality workmanship, and that we continue to deliver projects, whether simple or complex, on time and within budget.

Data Protection
Equal Opportunities
Health & Safety
Quality Assurance
Working Practices